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Advantages on our Boat Insurance

Voluntary public liability insurance, which extends and complements the mandatory public liability insurance limits.
Damage to the boat itself, covering: the hull, engine, sails, masts, auxiliary craft, special fixtures and equipment, personal belongings and trailer.
Claim for damages, caused by third parties to the insured boat or to any of its occupants.
Total theft of the boat and/or its auxiliary craft.
Wreckage removal.
Damage due to pollution risks.
Damage due to coastal regattas in Spanish territorial waters.
Accidents: loss of life or bodily injuries of occupants while on-board the insured boat, or when boarding and/or disembarking from the insured boat are covered. Cover includes:
Permanent disability.
Medical and pharmaceutical assistance.
Funeral expenses.

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Our Covers

Basic Cover

Damage occurring to the hull, motor, sails, accessories, personal effects and trailer.

Vandalism while on land.
Total theft of the boat and/or auxiliary vessel.
Removal of debris.
Damage caused as a result of pollution hazards.
Damage caused while engaged in coastal regattas.
Damage when loading and unloading during transportation by land.
Accidents to passengers/water-skiers/skipper: including cover for death, permanent disability, medical/pharmaceutical assistance and burial expenses.
Claims for damages, deposit of bail bonds and defense.
Nautical assistance.

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Our Insurances

Our Insurances

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